Fall 2018 Registration is Closed

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Fall 2018 - Frequently Asked Questions

Important Dates
  • May 21, 2018 - Registration opens for all players & coaches
  • June 27, 2018 - Last day for returning players to register to be automatically reassigned to their fall 2017 team - Early discount ends
  • July 31, 2018 - Registration deadline for all players & coaches
  • August 1, 2018 - PYSA deadline for team registration - Team rosters are finalized
  • August 2, 2018 - Registration re-opens for late registrations - Late fee begins
  • August 8, 2018 - Rosters are distributed to coaches, parents, and players and practice schedules are released
  • August 20-24, 2018 - First week of practices for the fall season
  • August 25, 2018 - First game of the fall season - Jamboree for U9 teams
  • September 1, 2018 - NO GAMES - Labor Day Weekend
  • October 27, 2018 - Last game of the fall season


  • U6 Co-Ed - $65
  • U7 to U14 - $85
    • $10 Early Discount Through June 27th
    • $10 Late Fee After Auguts 1st
  • 100% Refund before PYSA Team Deadline (August 1st)
  • 50% Refund before PYSA 1st Game (August 25th)
  • 0% Refund after PYSA 1st Game (August 25th)

When does fall registration open? When does it close?

  • Online registration opens in early May, and we send out an email announcement to all club members shortly after it opens.
  • To be notified simply create a Bonzi member account by following the link at http://irvingtonsoccer.bonzidev.com.
  • Beginning in early to mid August registration begins closing by age group as team rosters fill.
  • After August 1st we will continue to accept new registrations where space allows with the addition of a $10 late fee, however space will be very limited and many teams will be full.
  • We strongly encourage interested families to register as early as possible, and we offer a $10 early bird discount to those who register prior to June 28th.

When will we know who our coach is and what team we are on?

  • Rosters and coaching assignments are finalized by mid-August.
  • Coaches will contact their teams at this time to announce practice schedules and other team information.

What is the team formation policy?

  • Players and parents can request a specific team, team-mate, or coach during the registration process.
  • Priority is given to returning players from the previous fall season team roster.
  • When additional space is available, players from other ISC teams of the same age whose teams are not paricipating in the current season will be added to the team's roster with the coach's consent.
  • New players who did not play with ISC in the previous season will be allowed to join teams where space remains.
  • Within each of these groups, priority will be given based on registration date.
  • When there are enough new players and/or returners whose teams are not participating in the current season, ISC will form new teams and recruit coaches as needed.

Team Sizes

  • U7 (1st Grade): 3v3 (two simultaneous games) - Max Roster 12
  • U8 (2nd Grade): 4v4 (two simultaneous games) - Max Roster 14
  • U9 (3rd Grade) / U10 (4th Grade): 7v7 - Max Roster 14
  • U11 (5th Grade) / U12 (6th Grade): 9v9 - Max Roster 18
  • U13 (7th Grade) / U14 (8th Grade): 11v11 - Max Roster 18

Where will our team be practicing? When will practices start? What days and times?

  • ISC teams use Irving Park and the Irvington School field for our team practices.
  • We have access to these fields Mon-Fri 4-7pm during the fall season.
  • Teams typically begin practicing sometime in mid to late August, at each coach's discretion.
  • Practice slots are 4-5:30 and 5:30-7pm.
  • ISC teams typically practice once or twice per week depending on age level and coaches availability.
  • Your coach will notify you of your team's practice schedule as soon as it has been decide, which is usually mid-August.

What league do we play in? Who will we be playing against?

  • ISC is an independent non-profit youth soccer club affiliated with Portland Youth Soccer Association (PYSA).
  • ISC teams participate in PYSA's fall and spring recreation soccer leagues for boys and girls U7-U14 (grades 1-8).
  • We compete against other PYSA-affiliated rec soccer clubs in the Portland area, including neighboring teams from Hollywood Soccer Club, Laurelhurst Soccer Club, Rose City Soccer Club, North Portland Soccer Club, Northeast United Soccer Club, and others.
  • There are a total of 17 recreational soccer clubs from across Portland who participate in PYSA league play. For more information visit www.portlandyouthsoccer.com.

When does the season begin and end? When are the first games?

  • The fall PYSA season consists of 8 games and games are on Saturdays.
  • The potential game dates for the Fall 2017 season are:
    • August 25th, September 8th, 15th, 22ng, 29th, October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

When will game schedules be available?

  • Game schedules are typically published by PYSA one to two weeks before the fisrt game of the season.
  • As soon as they are available all the coaches will be notified and will forward that information to their teams.
  • We know everyone is eager to get their game schedules. With over 800 teams participating in PYSA's fall rec league, game scheduling is a complex task. Thanks in advance for your patience.

What does it cost to play?

  • U7 - U14 Players (1st through 8th Grade): $85 per player
  • U6 Players (Kindergarten): $65 *Reduced cost since there are no league games at the U6 level
  • An early bird discount of $10 per player is available to all registrants until June 28th.
  • A late fee of $10 for registrations made after August 1st.
  • Players who do not already have an ISC jersey also need to purchase one at Far Post for $15.

What is my registration fee used for?

  • A portion of the registration fees go to PYSA to cover the cost of game fields, referees, game scheduling and other administrative functions, coaching education programs, and liability insurance.
  • The remainder is used by the club to pay for equipment, practice field rental, and other operating costs.
  • Irvington Soccer Club has no paid staff and is run entirely by parent volunteers who donate their time.

How does ISC's financial aid program work? How can I tell if I qualify?

  • ISC wants everyone in our community to be able to experience the joy of playing soccer.
  • To help enable this we offer a discounted registration fee of $25 per player to qualifying families.
  • Families who qualify for the free or reduced school lunch program are automatically eligible for this reduced fee.
  • If eligible simply select this option during the registration process to receive this reduced rate.

How do I get a uniform? Is there an additional cost?

What other equipment will my player need?

  • ISC jersey, shorts and athletic socks, soccer cleats, and shin guards.
  • PYSA regulations require that socks completely cover the shin guards.
  • Football and baseball cleats are not permitted under PYSA rules.
  • While each player is not required to have their own soccer ball it is helpful in order to allow players to practice on their own.

Does ISC have a cleat exchange?

  • ISC encourages families to donate cleats they have outgrown and check our cleat exchange inventory for used cleats before purchasing new.
  • Our cleat exchange is usually located on a volunteer family's front porch prior to the start of the season.
  • We will send out an email announcement over the summer when it is available.

How do I find out more about the rules, regulations and game format for PYSA recreational play?

What is the club's policy on pierced ears?

  • PYSA safety regulations prohibit jewelry of any kind on the field, including pierced earrings.
  • We strongly encourage you to avoid getting new piercings shortly before or during the soccer season to allow new piercings to heal properly before studs are removed.

What is the club's policy on roster sizes and playing time?

  • PYSA recreational soccer is all about giving everyone the opportunity to play soccer, not sit on the bench.
  • It is therefore the league's policy that everyone plays at least 50% of each game, and to this end rosters are capped at no more than twice the number of players on the field.
  • In ISC we try to keep our rosters well below this maximum if possible, while balancing the desire to include as many interested players as we can accommodate.

Do we practice or play in the rain?

  • Generally yes, although it is at each individual coach's discretion whether to cancel a practice due to weather.
  • Games will be played as scheduled unless Portland Parks closes fields due to excessive rain. While uncommon, this does occasionally happen.
  • If this occurs PYSA will notify effected teams immediately. Unless you have been told that your game has been cancelled you should assume it will be played.

What is the birth date cutoff for my child's age level?

  • For the purposes of PYSA registration eligible players for a specific age level are those with birthdays beginning August 1st and ending July 31st and associated with the corresponding grade level (eg U7 is first graders, U8 is second graders, etc).

Can my child play "up" a year?

  • While PYSA strongly encourages players to participate with their own grade level peers, players are sometimes allowed to play up one year on an exception basis with a coach's agreement.
  • We find, however, that most kids enjoy playing with their friends and classmates of the same grade.

How does ISC's kindergarten (U6) program work? Do they play real games?

  • Since PYSA does not begin inter-club league play until U7, ISC runs its U6 program as a more informal internal program to give younger kids a chance to begin learning the basics of the game.
  • U6 participants meet twice weekly after school to work on basic skills, play fun games, and participate in informal scrimmages.
  • The U6 program is highly dependent on parent volunteers to help run these activities.
  • U6 players do not compete in weekend league games. As a result we offer this program at a reduced registration fee.

When do we start playing with real goals, goalies, and referees?

  • PYSA rec league teams graduate to fixed goals, goalkeepers, and paid referees beginning at U9 (3rd graders).
  • With the presence of referees they also begin learning more advanced rules of the game such as offsides.

What does it take to be a coach? I'm willing to help coach my child's team but have never done it before.

  • ISC is always looking for volunteer parent coaches; no experience required.
  • Our volunteer coaches are what make the club possible.
  • The main requirements are enthusiasm and willingness to give your time.
  • Existing knowledge of the game of soccer is helpful but not essential.
  • ISC and PYSA will provide all needed equipment and introductory training, and support you as needed during the season.
  • In addition there are unlimited additional resources available on the internet and elsewhere for coaches who want more.
  • Time commitment is primarily leading weekly practices (1-2 per week in late afternoon or early evening) and weekend games.
  • Head coaches are encouraged to enlist one or more other parents to help as assistant coaches. All coaches are required to register with PYSA and pass a standard background check.
  • ISC picks up all costs of registration, insurance, and equipment for our volunteer coaches.
  • To register as a coach go to http://irvingtonsoccer.bonzidev.com and follow the registration link or contact our coaching coordinator at coaching@irvingtonsoccer.com with questions.

What other ways can I get involved with the club or my child's team?

  • Many coaches appreciate having help from other team parents, either as assistant coaches or as a team manager to help with various administrative matters that may come up.
  • In addition, ISC is always looking for interested parents to join our Board of Directors or volunteer for other roles in the club.
  • Please contact the club president at president@irvingtonsoccer.com to discuss your interest and learn more.

Can my child play on both a recreational and competitive team?

  • PYSA rules state that U7 - U10 players may participate in both recreational soccer (ISC) and competitive teams.
  • Beginning with the fall U11 season, players who participate on a competitive team may not play on a recreational soccer team.
  • If you are unsure of your player's status, please email info@irvingtonsoccer.com for more information.

How does one become a referee for PYSA games?

  • PYSA referees must be at least 14 years of age and have completed the PYSA referee training program.
  • For more information see the referee section of www.portlandyouthsoccer.com.

Who should I contact with other questions?