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Irvington Soccer Club - Spring Season Frequently Asked Questions

PYSA's Spring league is an opportunity for ISC teams to continue playing together as a follow-on to the Fall league. Spring season registration works just like the fall, with all players and coaches required to register individually for the spring season using our online registration website. New players are accepted in the spring on a space-available basis. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about playing Spring soccer with ISC.

Important Dates

  • January 14th, 2019 - Registration opens for players and coaches
  • February 28th, 2019 - Priority registration deadline
    • Last day for returning players to register to be automatically reassigned to their fall 2018 team
  • March 5, 2019 - PYSA deadline for team registration
  • March 13, 2019 - Rosters are finalized and distributed to coaches, parents, and players and practice schedules are released
  • April 6, 2019 - First game of the spring season
  • May 18, 2019 - Last game of the spring season


  • The spring PYSA season consists of 6 games. Games are on Saturdays.
  • Potential Game Dates: April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18


  • There are no practices organized by ISC for the spring season.
  • The city fields are not permitted for soccer practices in the spring.

Team Sizes

  • U7 (1st Grade): 3v3 (two simultaneous games) - Max Roster 12
  • U8 (2nd Grade): 4v4 (two simultaneous games) - Max Roster 14
  • U9/U10 (3rd & 4th Grade): 7v7 - Max Roster 14
  • U11/U12 (5th & 6th Grade): 9v9 - Max Roster 18
  • U13/U14 (7th & 8th Grade): 11v11 - Max Roster 18


  • Spring 2019 Fee: $50 Per Player
  • 100% Refund before PYSA Team Deadline (March 5th)
  • 50% Refund before PYSA 1st Game (April 6th)
  • 0% Refund after PYSA 1st Game (April 6th)


  • The Player Fee can be paid either by credit / debit card or check after completing the online registration process.
  • If paying by check, make payable to Irvington Soccer Club. Mail check (with player's name enclosed) to:
    • ISC Registrar
    • 3439 NE Sandy Blvd. #348
    • Portland, OR 97232

My child played on an ISC team in the fall. How do I register him/her for Spring soccer?

To participate in Spring league you must register your player using the ISC online registration site (irvingtonsoccer.bonzidev.com), just as in the Fall. Registration generally opens in January/February.

Note that not all Fall teams choose to play in the optional Spring league. If your player participated on an ISC team this past Fall, contact your Fall coach to find out if your Fall team is planning to play in Spring league, and let your coach know your player is interested.

If your team from the fall isn't playing, we may still be able to place you on another ISC team, but you must register to be considered for team placement. If you register, and we don't have a spot for you on another team, we will refund the spring registration fee in full.

My child did NOT play on an ISC team in the Fall. Can I register him/her for Spring soccer?

If your child did NOT play on an ISC team this past Fall, we may still be able to place him/her on a team for the Spring season, if space allows. After player registration has opened in January/February, visit our online registration website at irvingtonsoccer.bonzidev.com to register your player in the appropriate age group. We will then place your player on a Spring team if space is available. Please note that registering does not ensure a space for new players, since returning Fall players are given priority to continue playing in the spring. If we are unable to place your player on a Spring team any registration fees paid will be promptly refunded. Note that if your player's age group does not appear as a registration choice, a team is not available at this age group for the Spring season.

What is ISC's refund policy for Spring league?

Refunds are available upon request prior to the start of league play. Any registered player who we are unable to place on a team will be issued a full refund.

When does the Spring season begin and end? When are the first games?

First games of the PYSA Spring season begin in early April. The season typically runs to mid-May. Most games are played on Saturdays at various fields around Portland.

When will Spring season game schedules be available?

We know everyone is eager to get their game schedules. With over 800 teams participating in PYSA's rec leagues, game scheduling is a complex task. Detailed team schedules typically are not available from PYSA until a week or two before the season begins. As soon as they are available all the coaches will be notified and will forward that information to their teams. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Do teams practice during Spring?

Unfortunately Portland Parks & Recreation does not make its grass fields available to soccer clubs for practices during Spring. As a result our regular practice fields are not available and most teams do not hold regular weekly practices during Spring season. Coaches are free to make other arrangements for practices if they wish, however any field rental costs will need to be paid by the team (separately from the player registration fees).

Does ISC run a U6 program in the Spring?

ISC will not run a U6 (Kindergarten) program in the spring, as the city of Portland doesn't provide us with field permits for the program. If you're interested in a spring U6 program, please email our club president at president@irvingtonsoccer.com.

How does my child get a uniform for Spring league?

New players and those needing a replacement ISC club jersey can purchase one from Far Post (825 SW 14th Ave. Portland, OR 97205). The purchased jersey is yours to keep and reuse in future seasons. Discounts on the rest of the ISC club uniform (black shorts, black or maroon socks, cleats & shin guards) are also available from Far Post Soccer or can be purchased at your choice of retailers.

What is ISC's Spring team formation policy?

Since the PYSA Spring season is intended to be an opportunity for Fall teams to continue playing together, registration priority will be given to returning fall players on a given team. When additional space is available, players from other ISC teams of the same age whose fall teams are not participating in Spring league will be added to a team's roster with the coach's consent. Lastly, new players who did not play with ISC in the fall will be allowed to join teams where space remains. Within each of these groups, priority will be given based on date of registration.

My Fall team's coach has said s/he is not planning to coach in Spring. Does this mean we can't have a team?

Each team registered with PYSA for Spring league needs to have a designated head coach who is responsible for that team. However, this does not need to be the same person who coached in the Fall. If the Fall coach is unavailable, any willing team parent can organize their team for Spring league, with enough interested players. Since most teams do not hold practices during Spring season, the time commitment for coaching in Spring is minimal and, while coaching experience is always valuable, it is not required.

All coaches, both new and returning, are required to register at irvingtonsoccer.bonzidev.com prior to start of the season. Contact the ISC registrar at registrar@irvingtonsoccer.com with any questions regarding the online registration process or coaching-related questions.

I am trying to put together a Spring team. Does my team need to keep the same roster from last Fall?

Keeping in mind that returning fall players are given priority to play with their team, you can make changes to your roster as long as all players are registered to play with PYSA at the age level of your team. Since not all Fall players choose to participate in Spring league, you can combine rosters from multiple Fall teams of that age, or recruit new players if needed. Note that all coaches and players need to register individually online for Spring season with ISC at irvingtonsoccer.bonzidev.com to be eligible to play during spring season.

Will my son/daughter be able to play on the same team they were on last Fall?

Only fall teams with a coach in place for Spring league will be registered to play. If your player's team is registered for Spring, he or she will have priority to play on that team. If your player's fall team is NOT registered for Spring (because no parent agreed to coach, or there was not enough interest), your player will be placed on a different team as space allows. * NOTE*: If you are ONLY interested in playing with your fall team, we strongly suggest you contact your fall coach to let them know you are interested in Spring league and to find out if your fall team is planning to play in Spring league. If not, we suggest you NOT register.

I am a coach or team parent who needs to register my team for Spring league. What is the deadline, and how do I do it?

Contact the ISC registrar and ISC coaching coordinator to let them know you are planning to coach a spring league team, and register yourself as a spring coach at (irvingtonsoccer.bonzidev.com).

Players and coaches all register on the ISC registration website (irvingtonsoccer.bonzidev.com), where ISC will collect the registration fees and take care of getting all teams registered with PYSA for Spring league. ISC just needs to know which teams are planning to participate in Spring league and have a coach in place.

Who should I contact with other questions?

For questions not answered by this FAQ please refer first to our Fall Soccer FAQ document which will likely answer most additional general questions about Irvington Soccer Club and Portland Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) league play. You can find our Fall Soccer FAQ document here.

For additional questions about PYSA's Spring recreational league see the PYSA website at www.portlandyouthsoccer.com.

General questions that have not been answered by these FAQs can be sent to info@irvingtonsoccer.com.

If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.